How is your brand tackling the climate crisis? Transform your fans into climate champions.

Simplifying high-impact climate action through art, helping brands increase their environmental responsibility. Be part of the solution. Embrace the empowering capabilities of personalised art in driving climate action

Why GeorgeKenny?

Transform Customer Experiences into NFT Art

With our innovative process, you can convert photos of your customers into beautiful, personalised NFT art pieces.

Affordable Pricing

Each NFT art download costs just £2.

Climate Action

For every download purchase, we will plant a tree, directly contributing to the reduction of the climate crisis. Digital Gallery.

How It Works

Customer Interaction

Encourage your customers to participate by sharing their photos with your brand.

Art Transformation

We will transform these photos into unique NFT art pieces.

Digital Gallery

Customers can purchase and download their personalised NFT art for just £2.

Achieve Your Climate Impact Goals. Purpose-driven brands perform better with climate impact

With every download, a tree is planted, helping to offset carbon emissions and promote a healthier planet.

Benefits for Your Brand

Engage Customers: Offer a unique and memorable experience that deepens customer loyalty.

Enhance Your Brand: Position your brand as a leader in sustainability and innovation.

Create Impact: Contribute to meaningful climate action and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Us?

Quality personalised Art: Our talented artists ensure each piece is a work of art providing tangible art along side brand stats.

Simple Integration: Seamlessly integrate this offer into your existing customer interactions.

Transparent Impact: Track the number of trees planted and showcase your brands’s environmental contribution.

Join us in this exciting venture and transform the way your customers experience your brand. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment while offering a unique and memorable service.

Let's collaborate to create art that not only delights your customers but also nurtures our planet.

For more details and to get started, please contact us at


George Kenny

Empower your customers. Enrich their experience. Enhance the planet.