Change how you impact the world.

Simplifying high-impact climate action through art, fashion and investing. Helping brands increase their environmental responsibility by being part of the solution.

Why GeorgeKenny?

We are excited to present a unique and impactful offer tailored exclusively for you and your business. Imagine transforming your customers' experiences into stunning NFT art while actively contributing to the fight against climate change.

Our commitment.

- Transform Customer Experiences into NFT Art: With our innovative process, you can convert your photos into beautiful, personalised NFT art pieces.

- Affordable Pricing: Each NFT art download costs just £2.

- Climate Action: For every download purchase, we will plant a tree, directly contributing to the reduction of the climate crisis.

Memorable Moments
Offer a unique and memorable experience that deepens customer loyalty. Iinteractive experience for you and your audience.

Your art, your story, your impact.

Art that ignites action and advocates for climate action. Be a catalyst for change. Select customised digital art and apparel to minimise your environmental footprint

3 simple steps


You just upload your chosen photo.


We appreciate the value of quality artistry, so entrust us to create a masterpiece for you. Your physical artwork will be delivered within 7 days.


In the world of art, it provides a moment for self-reflection and deep thought. Tour our virtual gallery and secure your digital download in 3 days.

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Made to order

Tailored just for you. Commence a captivating journey with Art, NFTs, Fashion, and Virtual Experiences.

We embrace the future

Enhanced experiences, concrete designs, and skilled services.


Limit carbon footprint by supporting community engagement, championing ownership, and maintaining transparency. Offering superior products.

George Kenny | Art prints, Apparel & Virtual Gallery Experiences

Support accredited climate action

Your style is change.