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Contribute 13% of your purchase revenue to empower leading groups dedicated to tree planting, conservation efforts, technology R&D, and policy work with GeorgeKenny through


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Why this project?

Permanent: The carbon in biochar is exceptionally stable, and will remain out of the atmosphere for thousands of years. It is considered one of the top 5 natural climate change solutions.

Measurable: Since biochar is basically pure carbon, it is easy to see how much carbon has been captured. You can simply weigh the biochar.

Scalable: The project has already seen promising results at one facility, and has the potential to scale up to 8 more facilities in the state of California alone.

Local to California: The project is close enough that the Wren team can visit to get firsthand updates on its operations– which is about as transparent as it gets.

Biochar in California

Support wildfire prevention in California through a 13% donation & carbon locking.

Be part of the solution.

Why this project?

1. Firstly, taking immediate actions to clean up the industry while also working on broader systemic changes through policy and innovative voluntary carbon market finance.

2. Promise in the project due to its cost-effectiveness. Studies show that the expense of avoiding nitrous oxide emissions is relatively low, around $4 to $5 per ton of CO2 equivalent, compared to other methods like reducing deforestation, which costs $30-50 per ton.

3. Furthermore, the project's success can set a precedent for similar efforts in China, a major producer of adipic acid. The Climate Action Reserve is working on a protocol for China, and the positive outcomes of this flagship project could encourage the adoption of abatement technology in other locations, showcasing a potential path forward.

4. The continuous emissions monitoring system measures the concentration of nitrous oxide directed into the thermal reduction unit, allowing accurate quantification of additional abatement against a baseline.

Adipic acid nitrous oxide abatement

Donate 13% to lessen N2O emissions from Ascend Performance Materials' Cantonment, FL chemical plant.

Be part of the solution.

Why this project?

  1. Dozens of satellites detect deforestation on a rapid - “near real-time” - basis. This data is analyzed by Indigenous technicians in the regional technology hubs and then relevant deforestation alerts are distributed to local communities across the project area.
  2. Indigenous monitors use GPS reports to coordinate action. Monitors investigate possible threats and document any deforestation or illegal activities using specialized apps on their smartphones.
  3. Monitors present the results of their investigations to community assemblies. Using a consensus model communities decide on the appropriate response and take action based on how the community wants to fight back against deforestation.
  4. Communities report their decisions and actions back to the regional data hubs. The hubs compile all the data, inform the communities of region-wide threats, and advocate with state agencies and law enforcement.
  5. Rainforest Foundation US and its partners collect, analyze, and systematize the data. They use the results to determine which interventions are working and improve the impact and efficiency of the program.

Tech-enabled rainforest protection

Support Indigenous Amazonians, allocate 13% of funds for tools, knowledge, and assistance.

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Restricted nature of traditional funding for Carbon Offsets and renewable energy projects poses challenges for creating a sustainable future.

Our mission is to rally everyday people and make a positive impact. Each purchase directly benefits our planet.

Support exceptional projects by utilising carbon offsets as a powerful funding mechanism to make a significant impact on the climate crisis.

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Motivate and empower individuals and organizations to fight climate change, embrace sustainable technologies, and support local communities.

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